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New Member: Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci Driver :)


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Hello Ford Owners,

this is Peter, I live in the Netherlands. Since May 2014 I'm the proud owner of a Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCI (built in 2005)

I work as a System&Network Administrator in a hospital, have 2 kids :) :) , 2 cats :) :) , 1 dog :) , 1 bearded dragon :) and 1 ferret :)

I will show you some photo's of my car in this post.

Last June I went to London with my wife for a citytrip . Nice City :) We enjoyed it very much.

Greetings for NL !!




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Maybe I want to put some nice Wheels on it (now it has standard wheelcovers), saving money for that right now :huh:

My car has the Ford 4500 Radio/CD and I want to connect my smartphone and USB-stick to it. I have seen a nice Philips Car Stereo with a phone-holder in it :rolleyes: LINK: http://www.mediamarkt.nl/mcs/product/PHILIPS-CMD305,10259,486540,941473.html?langId=-11

(Sorry this link is in Dutch)

I'm not planning to lower my car, or put enormous spoilers, and skirts on it, maybe I'm getting to old for that :) 42 years now :)

I had plans to chiptune it, but this also gives more maintenance to the engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes and so on...........So I decided not to do that.. :o

My car has a 1.4 TDCi engine (70 hp Commonrail Turbo Diesel), and it has a very low diesel comsumption, I can drive 20kms on 1 liter diesel :), which is very nice for a 9 year old car B) with almost 200,000 kms on the clock :huh:

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Looks a good stereo, although I didnt see bluetooth, I think you might benefit from finding one with bluetooth though :)

Wow thats pretty good going on the mileage!

As for the chiptuining, it depends how much you tune it. If you go for something like a tuning box where you get an alright balance of some more power, and not too much, then you will get the best out of it, and it wont cause so much damage to the rest of your car. They are fairly well priced as well, so for the cost of a tank of fuel, you can get more miles and more power out of the car, and its removable so you can sell it when your finished with it!

Have a look at this:


as a general guide, theres a tank of fuel and it will boost your horsepower up to 80 from 68 and with an EGR blanking plate and a new air filter, I recon you can get it feeling like a bigger car!

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