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background buzzing noise & after a trip...


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Is there anything plugged into the aux socket and also plugged into the power socket? I used to get a very similar noise if I had my phone plugged in as well as going through the aux.

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It would be the Heating control unit needs replacing.

Mine got reconfigured that didn't work and now they have replaced it, and it's all blissful silence from now on :)

Get it into the dealer it's all under warrenty.

Hi I have same noise , i want it looked at as i dont want it to get worse before warranty runs out ,can you assure me its covered under ford warranty ? my car is two years old and it is booked in for december the 6th at 2pm so they can have a look at it , if its normal its fine , but if there is not to be any noise normally and mine is worn / faulty i need to know my facts first

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Mine is making the same noise. Its the Climate Control sensor behind the dash, which will usually remain on, once the ignition is off, for about 20-30 secs. It has a little fan that samples the internal air temp.

Found this thread on how to get it sorted.


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Same here, it's pretty quiet though and hasn't got worse. I actually had to have the EATC fixed under warranty cos it was stuck sending all air at the windscreen haha, makes me think it's not the highest quality air con system around.

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