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Gas Hob Question...


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Hi guys

Give me a faulty car and I could do a lot to diagnose it and either help repair it or point you in the right direction but my oven hob had me baffled...

We inherited this crock of oven goodness when we moved in, it's not in the greatest of conditions but is viable and useable and safe.

Yesterday I was standing around waiting for the kettle to boil, something felt very wrong. Glanced at the hob and saw one of the hobs has been turned to on with no light (kids I suspect highly!) I turned it off but couldn't smell or hear gas. So I tried turning one on and lighting it, but nothing. I'm not sure why but the gas seems to be only going to the oven (I could light that fine...) but nothing to the hobs.

Do these things possibly have a safety whereby if gas flows but isn't lit there is a cutoff? Am I missing a trick here?

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There is a cut off on some hobs - my sisters was the same (well, she still has it - but there was a halogen cooker installed when she moved in to this house). The hob would cut the gas off but allow the oven & grill to operate

Not sure how to reset it though

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is there a glass lid to this cooker?

if so then its a valve that as the lid is closed shuts said valve and cuts off the gas.

Bang on the mark. I wasn't aware of this and I didn't fully lift the lid when I tested this :-D
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the valve sometimes lets go.

if you ever suspect it happening then give it a spray with some soapy liquid,if you see any bubbles then its leaking

and it will require just a nip up with a pair of grips.

im not 'gassafe' but had this happen to my cooker once had had a gas engineer explain this to me when he carried out repairs.

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