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Replacement Tyres/alloys


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Afternoon all, i'm looking for some advice.

I'm waiting to pick up my 2012 Focus Titanium, using ETIS i've confirmed that it's got the 8 x 18 et 55mm alloys on it.

I'm thinking that these may prove costly when I need to replace them and in any snow or ice they may be a nightmare.

What's the best "winter" tyres to get to replace these?



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I've gotten through several winters with 18's on my car, and it's never been bad enough that the tyres didn't manage it.

One option if you do want to have a set of winter tyres could be to pick up a set of steel wheels and use those?

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Handled just fine, wasn't like I'd be exploring the limits of the grip.

Would just take it really gentle not accelerating or braking hard and giving lots of space when braking so you don't plough into something with the ABS merrily pulsing away.

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Ive got 18x8 on the focus,

Avon ZV5 are the business great grip in wet conditions and lateral grip is spot on,

But as said i too would still go easy in the ice etc.

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