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Clutch Knocking


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For the past 3 days I've had my clutch knocking, it happens only first thing in the morning, when I press the clutch pedal the sound goes away, but when I release the clutch pedal it comes back, this happens until my engine reaches its optimal temperature.

It only happens when the car is cold.

It can't be the engine oil, (all the parts knocking) I've changed the oil 2000 miles ago and have oil additives to prevent wear on cold starts.

I'm certain it's something in the drivetrain.

Any experiences?

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Do you get any gear slippage, or loss of power in rev ranges?

When you change gear, does the noise remain through each gear change?

oil wouldn't be an issue, as lack of oil cause's seizure of the engine so you would notice a lack of power and the engine switching to limp mode (especially on a diesel).

If you're 100% sure it's coming from the clutch, then it's either fly wheel not engaging properly or cylinder not locking in flywheel. Either way you need to get the clutch looked at, as it's a sign it's on it's way out and pretty soon as well (if you don't get it looked at, you could potentially shatter flywheel and possibly be looking at a new gearbox if it goes on a motorway "Personal Experience").

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loss of power when hot or in hot temps, is more likely going to be either a temp sensor issue or water pump problems.

I would suggest getting it in to a reputable garage, let them take it out and they should be able to tell you straight away what the issue is. Either way, it's an issue with the clutch.

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1 hour ago, Garry250964 said:

I have this sound on my vignale 2.0 diesal Would this happen with only 39.500miles thanks for any information 

I have the same sound too when it is cold!

After a few kms of driving the sound almost stops. No slippery clutch,no vibrations on releasing the clutch....the vibrations begin at 140 km/h precisely with the 6th gear on (manual gearbox) or with 2.250rpm and 5th gear on.My car is an Focus ECOBLUE MK4.

Only 11.000 kms (6.835 miles) on the odo....




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