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On Going Problems With 2013 Fiesta


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I am a owner of a Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium car. I brought this brand new in April2013 and has been causing me problems after problems.

Sensor issues: Warning lights started to show up on the digital screen stating that the tyre puncture was low even though it was perfectly fine and the door is open when it was actually closed etc. Took the car to the dealership who just reset the issues

Brake pads issues: Started to get squeaky breaks on a regular basis. Took to dealership first who advised its weather problems, even though it was summer, advised me to come back if still happens. Went back after 2 weeks with same issue, dealership then took the car in. Got a call back after 1 week saying that the issue has been fixed and the breaks have been cleaned. After 1 week same issue again, then I took my car to 3 private garage who said that the brake pads need changing. Took the car back to the dealership and told them that I got private advice who said that the brake pads need changing; they took the car back and changed the brake pads.

Engine malfunction / engine alarm issue: Stared to get these warning messages showing up in my car. Gave a call to the dealership they told me to bring it in. Took it in and they said no problem its just a technical glitch. After a couple of days started my car in the morning same issue and now the car wouldnt even start! After a couple of attempts the car started, that same day I took the car back to the dealership who kept the car in. They kept the car in for 2 weeks to test the issue but couldnt find any codes or these messages showing up. Was told the car is fine so I picked the car up. The next day driving back from London, the car stopped on the third lane of the motorway and lost power. Had 2 kids in the back was so scary and I nearly had a crash! As soon as I got home dropped the kids of, went to start the car to go to the dealership and the car wouldnt start. Had to call breakdown that managed to get the car started after 2 hours and took it straight to the dealership. The dealership has had my car for 3 months now.

To date: Today I went to collect my car after they advised that it has been repaired. Went to pick my car up, stared it and guess what Same problem! Not only the same problem but I noticed a couple of issues:

- The millage on my car had been clocked back to when I first left my car with the dealership in July.

- The fuel meter was showing has half tank, but the cluster was stating only 17 miles to 0.

I am totally fed up! In between when my car was with the dealership for 3 months, I put in a right of rejection to Ford and the dealership (Bistrol Street Motors). Ford is no blaming the dealer and the dealer is blaming Ford.

Ford Customer Relationship Centre (FCRC) is also no help! After calls after calls and emails they choose not to help at all. I came to a stage where I got legaladvice and was advised to record all calls with Ford as back up. Ford is now not willing to talk to me as they dont allow calls to be recorded.

This is causing me stress and stress!

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Hi Matthew,

Yes when I took my car into the dealership I took a photo on my iPhone of the millage and fuel levels.

Today when I went to pick my car up it was less then what it was back in July. I also took a photo of this before I left.

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