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Car Radio Stuck - Won't Come Out!


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I'm getting myself into a seemingly endless series of pickles installing a new stereo and reversing camera - never, ever again will I attempt something like this! Anyway, my latest predicament is I couldn't get the stereo to push al the way back so I tried removing all the wires to see if I could push it home without the clumps of wiring behind - and I could. And now I can't get it out again.

The stereo has a number of phono connectors dangling out the back, and I'm 99% certain what's happened is one of those has lodged itself under the cage or between some other wires. I've removed the glove compartment but that isn't helping me at al because there's too much stuff in the way - I can only reach the very top corner of the unit with my arm contorted around the fan ducts. I tried removing the plastic insert on top of the dash which has the storage container in it, but I could only reach one clip from below to loosen a singe corner of it. I'm not sure if removing it will even give me any more room to reach the wiring.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated - after about 25 hours of effort now with this install I'm frustrated to breaking point.

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Remove the glovebox or the passenger side kick panel and youll be able to see the glove box would be better its just a few screws to get it out

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've actually got the glovebox out already for an unrelated reason (replacing the heater resistor) and I've had my arm contorted around the air ducts for the best part of an hour without success - I can only just about reach the top and bottom left corners of the stereo cage - nowhere near enough room to manoeuvre and find the trapped wire. I looked at trying to remove the kick panels but I couldn't figure out how they come out and I'm done trying to yank panels out with force because every time I do that I break them. Any tips on how to remove those panels safely? (I think the problem wire will be on the driver's side of the stereo so the other side might be better).

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The kick panels have pop out covers over the torx screws.

There's 2 in the passenger side and one on the drivers side.

The panels will unclip easily when the screws are out.

You may not find much space to get behind the dash from there though as there are vent pipes and metal brackets in the way.

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