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Speech Recognition Module/bluetooth Issue, Please Help


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Please help

I have an 07 PFL Focus ST3 with Denso sat Nav. The other day my voice button decided to mute the radio instead of initiating the voice recognition woman. And my phone icon disappeared off the stereo,

I'm led to believe my bluetooth module may be on its way out.

I've resented my battery

Removed the cable from the back of the module and reconnected

Pulled fuses 108 and 112 to try and reset/resync it.

Nothing, I have just bought a modified ELM327 module hoping to reflash the module with my VIN number but when I try that module the ELM Config always asks me to connect at a faster braudrate-rate.

Has anyone got any help or can talk me through the process or at least try and she'd any light on the matter

My Nokia module doesn't have a mini USB on the back.

Thanks for any help


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Maybe having the software reloaded to the module may help.

Don't know if that's possible without going to a dealer, also know for the facelift it's fuse 115 for the audio module - I assume if you've worked out the fuses for PFL that the radio went dead till you then replaced the fuses?

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With the fusebox, as the electrical system is pretty much the same as pre-facelift it's beneficial from logistics point of view if the new parts can be phased in before the actual model year changeover. Especially with looms and such it can be a nightmare matching them up as coordinated changes - they'd probably just change to new levels of software for the GEM/fusebox once the facelift was introduced.

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If the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module does not respond and resetting has no effect it must be considered defective. The Focus MK2 (and very early MK2.5) did have the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. The modules of this system can not be updated and are not compatible with the newer Focus MK2.5 system.

You should disconnect the defective Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module as soon as possible. A defective Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module can also affect other CANbus modules of the car. I have seen a few times before that the radio died a short time after the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module turned out to be defective. If you are going to search for a replacement Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module you have to search for the correct part number (preferably te same as the Original). A module for the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system has a part number that starts with 3M5T, 4M5T or 7M5T. These modules are a bit rare. The modules with a part number that starts with 8M5T is for the newer MK2.5 Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system and is not suitable.

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