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Can St170 Run Without Pcm And Cluster ??


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I'm currently fitting a st170 engine and complete loom into my mk4 escort. Then gonna slowly remove extras like lighting ect.

I have the ecu,key,transponder and fuel module unit.

I found out some focus have pcm units that pair to the cluster/dials.

Will I need this also before the engine will run or is this just unproven facts?

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On the Focus MK1 the instrument cluster is not a part of the PATS system. On the MK1 the PATS system is fully integrated into the PCM. So basically the ST170 engine should run without the instrument cluster connected.

On the Focus MK2 Ford changed the PATS system to a more advanced system. On the MK2 the PATS system is integrated into both the instrument cluster and the PCM.

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Pin 1 = Ignition live.

Pin 2 = Ground.

Pin 3 = PATS signal to PCM pin 19

Pin 4 = PATS signal to PCM pin 53

If you want to also connect the PATS status LED the positive side of the LED should be connected to Pin 42 of the PCM.

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