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Headlamps Keep Blowing


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I have a ford focus zetec registered march 2005.

Over the past 3 months i have replaced the front headlamps every 3 weeks, or there abouts.

They don't blow together one goes, i replace it 3 weeks later the other side goes.

Its not the full beam that fine its the normal dipped lights.

The fuses haven't been touched, i have had the car for 2 years and this has only started happening in the past 3 months.

Now changing them etc. isn't an issue but i simply cant afford to keep having to replace bulbs like this.

Has anybody had a similar issue?

Does anybody know of a similar issue?

Can anybody suggest anything to start looking at?

At the moment im running some version of Osram bulbs, i think its one of the brighter bulbs cant remember the name. I know some people think Osram are rubbish so what would you suggest? Phillips, Halfrauds own brand? Other brand?

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I was having the same problem. But my bulbs don't secure properly so using tape to hold them I'm place until I can afford new headlights.

Go to eurocarparts cost me under £3 for two dipped beam bulbs H7 I think. And they have lasted me 6/7 weeks so far. Never heard of the brand before (neolux) and there not the brightest but cheap and easy.

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Not sure of the model of the bulbs.

Could be the altenator but I will wait before replacing that.

I'm going to teat the voltage when I turn the ignition as the bulb blows when I start the car. I know when its happened as the headlamps come on occasionally when I turn the ignition and basically I then know one of the bulbs has blown.

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