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Dpf Internal Gutting Clarity....

fto dude

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Hey folks.. im sorry if someone sees this and thinks repeat post, but after posting on this form and the c max owners club, there are too many conflicting messages out there....

i am at the stage now that whatever decision i make is going to be an expensive one.

The car: Focus c max 1.6 tdci 55 plate 95k on the clock.

Im having error code issues and additive/ DPF problems. hardly surprising news i hear you say....

well im after some clarity on the following..

if the DPF has this internal gutting surgery and a remap, is it an MOT failure?

Im led to believe that its just a visual test and the smoke test for diesels.

If i opt for this 'fix' does the remap sort out the error codes we get for the additive such as p2585 and 2584? because without the dpf internals i wont be needing the additive fluid, however if there isnt any in there, the sensors will still pick up the fault and display the red light on the PCL and ENGINE FAULT status.

Obviously a work around would be to put diesel in the additive tank, however i was hoping that the remap would cure this...

can anyone who has had this work done please pass any comments or advice... im fed up of mixed messages about the MOT's and error codes.

much appreciated

im around the Luton area if anyone should know a reputable company who does this work near me :-)


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if they see it its a fail, if they don't then just now its not, if you have an undertray then there is no chance they can see it at all as they cant take that off, if you don't then id want to be sure the garage will do a good job so its not possible to see.

it gets more complicated, I believe in a few years there will be some other tests for euro 5 engines and newer, mines a euro 4 plus DPF so wont get these new tests and id hazard a guess youd be the same. its on this forum where I first read about this test but I don't have a link to hand.

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ok thanks for that... thats good to know.. its a good start atleast.. i really need to get under this beast...

any knowledge on the remap and the error codes and or lights?

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the garage will remove the dpf software, no warnings, no lights, no problems! the remap is something different, you don't need that for it to work properly

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The rule is this: remove the DPF and it is an MOT failure if it is identified.

The checks are indeed visual at the moment, as its not legal for the car to be disassembled to perform an MOT.

The theory is this, you cut open the DPF chamber along its welds, gut the DPF leaving the canister in there then reweld it. If they tap on the DPF chamber, they will hear a noise and it will sound full, as such its passed a visual check (i.e. the chamber is still present, its not been replaced with a straight through pipe). The chamber is not empty, so they cannot say a DPF removal has been completed.

The remap removes the DPF errors, codes, behaviour, basically removes all trace of it, so all you have left is an exhaust chamber with about 3% space less free "room to breathe" than before, which is still about 80% more room to breathe than with the DPF! :)

These are the options, at the end of the day its a gamble to get it done, and to be honest, plead ignorance, leave no trace and all that can be done is you are forced to have the thing replaced.

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