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How do i take door card off focus mk1???????

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I have a 2000 focus and need to change the central locking motors on the drivers door and rear drivers side door. I have the motors but cant seem to get the door cards off. Anybody know how? I've found all the screws i can behind the handle etc but it seems to be the window winder on the rear door stopping it but cant get that off. Front is electric windows but still wont come off. Any ideas? Cheers, Dan

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theres a spring clip behind it just use a rag roll up

to slide behind it. when you put it back on just put the spring clip back on widder and push it on


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The clip behind the winder is a nightmare to get off. Its doable with persistence and swearing.

As for the fronts, they're pretty easy. Remove the piece of trim at the bottom of the A-pillar - it just clips on in about 4 places. If you have electric mirrors, the controls are mounted on this and you'll need to undo the multiplug to remove it fully.

Next, there's a screw in the door handle recess below a plastic cover. Prise it off with a screwdriver and remove the screw, then remove the door handle surround together with the electric window controls. Unplug the multiplug to remove fully.

Carefully prise the fascia part of the main door handle off (the one you pull it shut with) - there are two long threaded screws behind here. Remove both. Hint: Prise it from below - if you accidentally chip it, it won't be so noticable as if you'd hacked at it from the top.

Finally, there are two screws in the open edge of the door, two at the hinged edge, and two in the bottom. Remove all, noting that the bottom two are slightly different from the side ones.

That should do it. Pull the door card upwards from the open edge of the door and it should come off.

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