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Dpf And Door Lock


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Ok I used to have an error code of P2002-21 fort he DPF, suggest checking DPFE sensor and hoses and these seem fine. Recently it has changed to P2002-E1 saying pretty much the same as before and now it has changed again to P2002-A1 again saying the same possible issues.

Any idea on what this exactly means as IDS does not really give a definitive answer, I am fairly sure the DPF is going to need changing soon but I have no warnings saying about how much percent the filter is full or anything like that, I understand I should get either a light on the dashboard or an error code when the filter gets full to a set percentage.

P2002-A1- (PCM) - Particle Filter Efficiency Below Threshold - Above Maximum Threshold, Previously Set (DTC) Not Present at Time of Request., (MIL) On for this (DTC), Test Complete
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Also my passenger door is not unlocking, it can take a lot of attempts to unlock it using the drivers lock mechanism manually, I assume this is a problem with the solenoid sticking? I can get it to unlock the catch but door is still locked presumably deadlocked, but if I keep trying it eventually it will open, a real pain when giving anyone a lift. Any ideas on how to fix this or any how to?


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I know that is an old topic, but at end didn't you find out what was the issue?

It was really the DPF sensor?

I had recently put a new turbo and a new dpf.

Thanks in advance

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