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2008 Focus Servicing Questions And Starting Issue


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Hi y'all

We have a lovely red 2008 Ford Focus Titanium.

She's done 35k miles and has the 2 litre petrol CHAIN CAM Duratec engine with the standard 4 speed auto.

As far as I can tell..she's never had a gearbox service...on our BMW we do this every 5 years and on our old Toyota we used to do a fluid change every 3rd service.

I see no mention of when to change the fluid and filter in the ford servicing literature. Can anybody shine any info on to this ???

Also it says that the auxilliary drive belt should be changed every 10 years or 125k...this seems an inordinate amount of time to me???
It has recently developed a squeaking sound from cold... This is either ( as far as I can tell as sounbd can travel in car engine bays ) either the belt..the tensioner or the idler pulley....ANybody have any experience with this??
Also does the belt run the waterpump..i ask as on cars with cambelt i would change the waterpump at every belt change ( usually between 5 or 7 years ).

Finally. Occassionally when starting the car it turns over but fails to start. You have to switch off and try to start again..usually it starts ok but occassionally then runs lumpy for a short period of time...
Now surprise surprise, when taking this to the stealers , all they did was plug the computer in and as there was no fault code they said there was no problem...what happened to proper mechanics????

I am thinking it could possibly be the fuel pump or fuel pump relay...would like to get it sorted before the warranty runs out...would it be an idea to get them to check the fuel pressure at the rail??? Or could it be as simple as being a fuel filter problem as it is an intermittent fault??

Any help greatly appreciated.


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