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Writing Emails Whilst Very Enraged/sleepy..is It A Good Idea?


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Haha, welll....

We're signed up to a few wholesalers and one in particular enjoys sending me text messages with info about offers... they're fairly irrelevant but you never know, so I let them continue...

Anyway, it was a Sunday morning at 4:47am!!! When my phone went off.... because of the nature of our business I'm fairly in tune with the sounds and I get woken quite easily by texts or phone calls (Alarms don't tend to do much though :lol: )

So anyway, I grumpily/drowsily looked at my phone thinking "oh great what now?" only to read that it was a notification about some offer that was lasting a week etc...

I'll admit I raged...I was knackered having less than 4 hours sleep the previous night, going to sleep late Saturday night and knowing what my Sunday was going to involve, I was less tolerable!

So customer services was on the receiving end of my wrath in the form of an email... I'll let you all in on it:

"Is their any reason why you clowns are texting me at 4.47am on a Sunday morning to tell me there is 1 week left on some offer you have??!?!?


Good job there is a _____ across the road that I can go to when you halfwits take the p**s!"

Well naturally I felt complete after firing that off and I fell asleep again... thus forgetting about it completely... it was only this morning when I got an email back that I remembered the whole event... some poor bloke was on the receiving end of it and wrote back:

"Hi Ian,

Thank you for highlighting this and I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

All our text messages are scheduled to go out at 4:30pm, but admin error resulted the messages going out at 4:30am. We have put a check in place that this doesn't happen again.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on __________.

Best regards"

I've got to say I do feel somewhat embarrassed by the rant, but I do blame fatigue. Anyone else have any stories of sleepy or drunken complaints that you feel a tad embarrassed by later on?

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I send emails in every stage, the more enraged I am, the more detail and nitpicking that goes into my emails and the more of a virtual beating I offer them. I'm about to send such a complaint to BT and fully expect compensation....

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Seeing as the majority of emails I write are done at my work I usually only send something if it is pleasant because any complaints as a result would have a negative impact on my position.

On a personal level I don't actually notice a significant difference in my responces to emails when tired/irritated however I do of course become more officious and point out issues that I would have ignored previously.

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