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Stupid Question Time - Usb Adapters


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Is one USB adapter the same as any other? I need one for my mobius (I've been using my husbands, but he wants it back), so I bought this from Halfords


Is it likely to be any good for the task at hand? Or is 1amp too low? They had 2 amp ones

I also one of these so I can use my sat nav while using my mobius, any good? Is it safe?


Both are still in their packaging at the moment as I'm really unsure :/

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Yes, or at least I think so? With my husbands as soon as the adapter starts reading power the camera comes on

I tried it from the usb already in the car (unpowered?) and nothing recorded

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Personally I wouldn't bother with the cable. the battery on them lasts a good few hours, spare ones cost nothing as well.

Also I think they are Li-ION Batteries, which don't tend to take well to trickle charging ( basically being left in on charge the whole time and not depleting ) it's why most Laptop Batteries die after a year.

I'm no Mobius expert by any means, but I think plugging the USB in puts it into PC mode and that may be why it's not working in the car, unsure, others on here have them and will correct me I'm certain of that.

But batteries for them are about £7 last time I checked on Joovu, £4.90 ONLY currently, maybe + VAT and Delivery etc but it's dirty cheap, just stock up on them. can never have enough batteries.

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Any USB adapter will be fine. The "U" means universal, and that's how they're designed - any USB charger will charge any device with a USB connection I think. There might be some exceptions but the Mobius should work with anything. However I would get red of that double adapter thing and get something like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/PowerGen-Charger-Designed-Android-Devices-Black/dp/B006SU0SX0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418806727&sr=8-1&keywords=12v+usb

Matt is right about the Mobius going into PC mode when connected to the car USB, which is why it won't record automatically when connected to that port. However the batteries are actually Li-Po which are cheaper than Li-Ion and only last about 80 minutes, not to mention you have to take apart the camera to replace the battery, so swapping batteries is not a good idea. Just keep it plugged in all the time so it records automatically when ignition is on.

And I've heard Li-Ion batteries prefer to be charged frequently, and it's completely discharging and recharging them that kills them. I could be wrong of course.

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