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Whoosh Noise On 1.8 Tdci 07 Plate


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1.8 tdci 07 plate 68000mls approx 50mpg on regular bp or Shell

regular oil and filter change using 5/30 oil.

air gushing noise sound over 2000 revs on top gear

suggestions so far that it is intercooler pipe leaking how do I prove yhat this is correct.any other suggestions

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Look at the large pipe on the drivers side of the engine.

Check the top rubber section for splits, cracks and damp spots on top and underneath.

If you buy a replacement from Ford they don't sell the top hose by itself (they only sell the part with the metal middle section at about £60).

On eBay you can buy a silicone top section for about £15 which is a much better quality part.

Top tip- when refitting the hose clips make sure any sharp or protruding edges of the clip under the coolant tank are away from the bottom of the tank to avoid chafing.

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