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Local Dealer Offering 10% Off Of Everything With Loyalty Card.

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I got real excited on Monday when I had a letter that looked like a bill but in fact was a loyalty card for previous customers from the local ford dealer, anyway reading the letter it says everything from new and used cars are included which leaves me with a wallet squeezing dilemma :lol: they have 2 focus ST'S an 11 plate and an 09 the 09 has been mountuned and would be about 8499 while the 11 plate would be 9495 or near enough both have under 30k on them, however there is also a 2013 zetec 1l ecoboost that would cost 7945 after trade in aswell and that's done just 18k the sensible part of me says take the ecobubble it's a steal the raging young man that I am says get the ST though, the real question here is was it right of them to send me a loyalty card and give me this sort of a problem just before Christmas? :unsure:

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It's not happening, I want an ST but the insurance people aren't as keen as I am, and on top of that my little fiesta will have to be failing in a massive way before she gets replaced.:lol:

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