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Word of warning focus climate 05-07


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This is a word of warning for focus drivers on spark plugs and water !

Today i had the RAC recover my car. Water from the washer jets was leaking into the engine and finding its way into the spark plug ports. It caused a short circuit damaging the coil and plugs !!!!

To check this pull out HT leads and make sure that inside ports is dry and no "rusty water".

If their is i would suggest removing and replacing plugs and draining water out !!!

Also new modified washer jets with better seals are available from ford on part number - 1501053 cost approx £10 per washer jet.

i hope this helps someone and will prevent costly repair and recovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its a common fault on the earlier focus's and allot the fiesta's. Iv seen a focus 05 that the spark plug had corroded that bad it had shot out under the compression and was in the end of the ht lead dangling down the front of the engine. ts funny that Ford started to fit the modified jets to the fiesta in 2004 but when the focus was released in 05 they fitted the old style jets.

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