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Dodgy Dealer


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Hi all.

Long story cut short.

Looked at car at dealers.

FSH etc.

Deposit paid.

Noticed front number plate advertising repair shop.

Rang them.

Yes, it had some work done in 09, nothing drastic.

That was fine by me until they mentioned It had 54,000 on the clock when it was repaired.

It had 58,000 on the clock yesterday????

Scrutinised history with dealer, one said 61,000!

Nough said.

I had a refund.

Car is back advertised with same mileage.

Some poor soul is gonna get fleeced.

Anything to be done?


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Been thinking.

I have zero proof apart from what I have heard and seen.

Apparently it isn't illegal to change the odometer on a car, only to conceal what you have done??

Also, they claimed they knew nothing of it so they can't be held to account unless I can prove what I've seen/heard, which I can't.

Me thinks they know what they are doing.

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It will only flag if it has been categorised.

I paid for a full RAC vehicle history check, it was clear.

Also, I'm pretty sure a dealer doesn't have to inform you, if you ask they cannot tell you a lie.

If you don't ask...................................

I may be wrong but that is what I have read.

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