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Fitting An Aftermarket Auto-Lights & Auto-Wipers Kit - Please Help With Wiring


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Hello everyone!

First, I'd like to point out, that I'm aware of many of the threads that are here about retrofitting autolights and autowipers using oem parts, some of them already being installed in the car, but this is not the same old thread again.

So, after doing some research about what I need to have in the car if I want to fit the OEM kit, I realised that I have none of it :D ... so I started looking somewhere else, as I'm used to autolights and autowipers from my company car.

I found out, that our chinese friends do actually sell an universal kit for autolights and wipers, so I bought one:


...but after trying to make it work at home for few times and failing with every possible connection that seemed to be logical to make it work, I'm asking you guys for help, or guidance on where I'm going wrong.

I'm attaching pics of the manual that I got with the kit, it doesn't look very complicated to wire, but I just can't figure it out.

For start, I'd like to get the autolights part only to work, I'm not decided yet that I want autowipers too. Autolights can nicely switch between my DRLs and headlights, though.

My testing "setup" consist of a 12V power adaptor which I'm using to simulate the ACC 12V+ wires in the car and the groud and a multimeter to check whether or not there is some power going to the wires which should be connected to the side lights/low beams.

If someone can figure something out, I would be very grateful. I rather don't say what I already tried, as my way could have been completely wrong and I don't want to guide you on the wrong path from the start.

Many thanks!




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It is...I actually have something similar installed right now, but I thought this might be little more sophisticated, since it also works as a rain sensor.

With the kit I have installed now, I'm having trouble with lights being turned on even during driving under lower bridge - other cars with oem sensors installed don't have their lights on, also sensitivity setting isn't helping very much.

So I figured, since this also has to sense the rain, the sensor should be calibrated little better to "understand" that I'm only driving under a small bridge and not through a tunnel. The reaction time is the key here, I would say...

But getting this thing to work is one hell of an issue! :D

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Hello guys, just a quick update and maybe a little move forward with the wiring, I decided to give it a try yesterday and found out, that I actually have to have power to the both wipers and lights wires for this thing to work! Duh! The sensor is now working fine and I'm getting voltage on wires which lead to the headlights, but I have one more question about the wires - and this should be easy one for someone who played with the wiring in the car little bit more than I did.

In the manual, there are symbols for cutting the wires in half and attaching two wires to each part of them - I'm attaching a pic where it's marked. The problem is, I'm already getting some voltage on the white wire when it's unplugged, and this wiring seems to look like I should put some more power INTO the controller when I turn on the parking lights with the headlight switch. Is this even ok?


The whole auto-lights system worked, with or without the white wire under 12V (- simulating turning on/off the parking lights), exactly the same - it gets dark, I get voltage on wires to the parking lights/low beams, it gets brighter, the voltage is gone.

Can someone bring some sense to this?

Thanks! :)

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