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Pressure Washers


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Normally I use the old two bucket method however I bought a karcher k4 pressure washer a while back, and I only now realised how much I hate the thing. I never have luck with karcher products to be honest but this thing gets on my !Removed!. The hose for example only wants to curl up, and if you try to pull the curls out the stupid thing just flops over, so I extend the hose and untwist it, only for the twist to return, and my !Removed! has more pressure than it to be frank. it just feels cheap and plasticly. I do however want to use a washer, what ones do you all use? I'm after a solid one, maybe even a petrol one? Just one that does not feel like its going to break on me.

Thank you very much


(Sorry If i have posted this in the wrong place, still learning!)

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We've got a karcher pressure washer, no idea which one it is, I'll have to have a look when I get some free time. It's been excellent over the past 10? years we've had it

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hi,,, a factory i use to be the engineer for use to use ALTO pressure washers, they are now called Nilfish Alto, anyway these washers were industrial type and came in single or 3 phase,

They are too high pressure for washing cars as it can do serious dammage forcing a jet of water in to places its not suppose to go.
While dealing with the company that sold these units we were also given a smaller unit for washing cars and trucks, single phase and plugs in to domestic power suply.

I have tried all sorts of domestic power washers but nothing touched this Alto job they had given us, i still have it as the company i worked for went bust as its main supplier pulled out.

I have had a look for something like what i have as its over 7 years old now and could not find the product number, but found its newer version i think, still the same colour as well i see.


this price is amazing for this unit,,, it was more expensive when they gave us one but i think there more popular now and it gets some good reviews,,, i think the next washer up is the 130 as this is the 120.


These are the type we had in the factory,,, had about 6 of them,,, you could not was your car with one as its way to high pressure, i remember 1 of the cleanerd doing his moped with one,, it blew bits off it and knackered all the electrics up.


we also had a couple of these at dedicated cleaning stations,,, these are for longer periods of use,,, did not heat up and cut out on thermal overload,,, had cracking pumps in them and were a well built bit of kit, even changing the pistons was made easy.


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hi,, just found this also,,, its the version down from the 120 i think,,, its the 110, but its the reviews that are interesting.

I did see this one for £45 on the Argos site,, i think there was money knocked off.


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