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Car Leasing Pros And Cons - And Any Reviews/opinions On Leasing4U?

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First timer and first poster here, so apologies if I get any netiquette wrong.

I'm about to acquire a Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost 1.0: I've had dealer's quotes and car supermarket quotes for low mileage models but the best deal I've been offered is for a new model from leasing4u - their email states 'Leasing4u and Carleasing4u are trading names of Blueroc Ltd

For low annual mileage (5k) and a 2 year deal, a deposit of around £800 they're offering 23 monthly payments of £187.15. It's way below the other quotes (much higher deposits and around £250 monthly payments) - anything I should be aware of before committing to this?

It will take 5 weeks delivery because I've also requested parking sensors to be fitted - I'm just so used to them now.




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Hi Gus,

With car leasing you should not modify the vehicle, or at least if you do, you need to return it its original state before returning the vehicle.

You need to check the terms and conditions, such as any fees and fines applied to excess mileage, and damage to the vehicle at the time of return, but otherwise it seems a good deal!

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