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Kynaston Auto Bodies - Exeter


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Avoid like the f*****g plague!

Honestly the only thing that stopped me unleashed hell down the phone was the fact my fiancée was sitting next to me and I try my best (and often fail) to be calmer and less colourful around her! The other thing that stopped me driving to Exeter and taking an enormous **** on someone's car was the amount of Christmas traffic...

For those that don't know, a lorry (fairly gently) reversed into my car... This damaged 3 things:

Cracked number plate

Bent bonnet (with chipped paint)

Damaged Ford badge - aesthetics

I dropped my car off at those cowboys only to get it back with 3 problems (strange eh!):

Flaking paint on edge of bonnet

Flip badge not flipping as well as before

Rear bumper now has peeling lacquer?!?!?

When I picked the car up the guy said he will get in touch on Monday about the peeling lacquer (hadn't noticed the rest at this point!) so Monday came and went... Phoned them today and got called back with the answer:

'I cannot entertain the peeling lacquer on the rear bumper' ???? You f*****g what?!?!! I don't need you to wine and dine the !Removed! thing, just fix it!

'We didn't touch the rear bumper' ah ok, so I've got the worlds first self cleaning ford focus then have I??? It just cleans itself...

Oh and the badge, well the badge mechanism is inside the grille, we didn't touch the grille so not our fault...

Oh the bonnet.. Well yes, we sprayed that, so if there is any paint faults we'll fix it "I guess"... You !Removed! guess?!?!?!?

Honestly I'm aware people probably try !Removed! on with these companies but I can point out 3-4 marks on the car (or more) which I have no intention of making them fix as they were nothing to do with the job...

Oh his answer "it's a 57 plate focus... Wear and tear"

!Removed! me I'm livid!

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The problem is that insurance companies tend to demand that you use their choice of bodyshop which will of course be whoever they are contracted to work with. These can be very sub-standard indeed.

When I bought my Fiesta, the dealer gave me a card for Ford accident repair (something like that) and they handle the insurance claim on your behalf and deal with your insurance company.

The point is that you get to use a Ford bodyshop with all the official Ford paint and Ford technicians. The insurance company can't do anything about it once you have gone through Ford accident repair.

I guess you just have to hope that Ford would do better than these other bodyshops....

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