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Hello, New Fiesta Owner


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Done this a bit backwards, managed to do a thread in haste about my car before I introduced myself :D

Just over a week ago I became the very proud owner of a Hot Magenta Fiesta Titanium. It is a 1.4 petrol, 59 reg with only 22,000 miles. I traded in my 56 reg Seat Ibiza Chill so this feels like a ginormous upgrade, lots of mod cons (bluetooth, parking sensors) as well the usual privacy glass, climate control, auto wipers and lights, arghhhhh its so exciting :P

I had pursued a couple via dealers but not had much luck. One was a nicked then recovered job and was mouldy inside..! Another was actually a Cat D but they didn't tell you this until you got rather far into enquiring about it. The reason I went for a 1.4 is because I am 22 and my insurance still goes up more than I'd like with anything bigger. Didn't really want to have to go asking my insurance whether they would insure a Cat D too...The Hot Magentas don't seem that easy to come by, let alone low mileage/good condition. I prefer the 'old' new shape like mine than the new new shape too, which restricted me a bit.

Looked as though I was going to sacrifice something (most likely the colour :( ), but then it all fell into place like fate. My local Ford Franchise had my car part ex'd around the time another car I enquired about was sold. Having a few niggles with it, they haven't done the bodywork as well as I would like so it is in the body shop towards the end of Jan and a couple other things, but it is a lovely car. Almost missing the drive to work just to spend more time in it :wub:

I'll be quiet now..! Looks like a great forum, been very useful to me already.

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