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Rear End Sliding Easily?


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*Tyres are worn - replacing

*Road was gritted - council are crap

The roads were BAD today, and at one stage even on a straight, the
car was twitching and grabbing and generally acting weird - even at low

I actually pulled into the layby at one stage because it was so bad
it felt like I had a flat or some sort of suspension problem. While I
was stopped, another car pulled up and the bloke started checking his
car over. So I asked if he had a problem, and he described exactly what
I'd experienced. In his words "it felt like the axel was about to fall off" - so so weird and hard to describe. Just felt totally loose/wobbly

It really was pretty bad. I don't mind sliding it if I expect it, but
it felt hard to keep it in a straight line even under light

Anyway, my back tyres are worn, but nowhere near illegal, but I'm
going to swap them anyway. I just wondered if anyone else had
experienceD this. The roads were crap, ungritted, but I wondered if the
twitching/grabbing was the ESP stuff kicking in?

Wasn't much fun to be honest, and I wasn't very trusting of the car on the way back. Although the 2litre is very much front heavy, I had a car full and a full tank of diesel so it wasn't exactly light on the back end.

Is this just something I have to live with (my previous 1.8 mk1.5 was fine), so is it just down to crap tyres?

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Its the roads mate black ice cold tyres non winter ones greasy roads to add to it its normal regardless of the fuel the rear is significantly lighter than the front and as the fronts lose traction sometimes just one tyre it has an effect its like that round my way roads are treacherous and the car can squirm

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I didn't wonder if there was something mixed in with the ice.

In the same area (North notts) police shut the a631 from Gainsborough to Bawtry because of ice. That quite a long distance!

Seems like the council didnt really bother gritting anywhere - and you could really tell.

I'll still get some new tyres just because they're crap but maybe you're right - we're talking 40mph though, I didn't expect it to be quite that bad at a low speed!

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I must check my dash cam footeage from yesterday

Main road wasn't gritted atall,

Tempature was -7 during the night and -3 at time of driving,

I was doing 50-60kmh anything faster and car began to sway lile a pendulum,

Boy racer overtakes me in his blue Seat Leon with 4 of his buddies on board,

I made the sign of the cross at him as he passed.

Disappeared in to the distance pushing on,

Then i get around the corner to see low and behold its the blue leon buried in the barier and all five out examining the damage,

I can't type the words that were coming out of my mouth.

Edit: I've found the videos uploading now,

Ok as you will see the BMW in front has a skid and desides to pull over for a bit,

The Leon behind me surly saw the BMW skid aswell but learned nothing from it,

I forgot i hadn't switched off the sound recording on the system lol

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Nice. Saw the overtake at 3:00ish but where's the wreck? Only watching on iPhone so will look at home! Your road very similar to ehatI had/ a57 to lincoln btw!

edit: removed wrong answer!

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Tell you what i do see all the time. Im in Athlone, the M6 between here and Dublin in heavy rain, it holds quite a lot of water. People overtaking you at 140-160 KPH all the time. They have great faith in their tyres. On more than one occasion a lad has shot out by me like im parked, only a mile or two down the track i see them on their roofs in a field.

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Nice. Saw the overtake at 3:00ish but where's the wreck? Only watching on iPhone so will look at home! Your road very similar to ehatI had/ a57 to lincoln btw!

Is this Lake District ish? Just a guess!

I was 2hr 50min away from home at that point mate,

That's the N2 from Letterkenny to Dublin,

The stretch of road on the N2 is between Castleblaney and Carrickmacross heading south towards Dublin,

Quite a few lakes and Drumlins around that area.

As George says around 7th Minute of the video, not much of a smash but still contact was made,

Then they stand between the car and the barrier FFS!!

Had another car slid in same location and hit there car,

They would be trapped between there car and the barrier :rolleyes:

Ah he had them 'special' tyres on Lenny. if he keeps that up he'll be sunroof surfing soon the plank

hahahahahhaha @7.34......the gobsh!te

My guess too mate,

Or hes polish and we all know they were born in the snow and we Irish know nothing about how to drive in ice.

I almost give two toots of the horn when passing, however i refrained in fear of skidding then myself within yards from them it would then be a black hawk down situation :lol:

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Drive her straight sideways lad.....rofl

Never heard that before Lenny.....great craic....flat to the mat!!!!!!!!

:lol: Samco sport sell T-shirts says "The only way is sideways"

Best one is "my little Honda Fifty"

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Was it windy? Looks really flat there and the wind can whip across like it does in certain places here. Makes slippery roads even more difficult to navigate as you obviously cant see a gust of wind coming! I haven't been out in anything less than 2c in the Focus yet, have done plenty of snow/ice driving in cheap old cars, but I'm really worried about in the Focus!

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No not really mate. Just very cold!

Just had some new tyres put on and having done literally 3 miles the weird noises have gone and the car feels better. Hopefully it'll be sorted!

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