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Greetings Uk!


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Hello everyone from the united states of hamburgers! ;)

I own a 2013 Focus ST tangerine scream S3 and just wanted to check out everyones rides. Its always nice to see what people are trending in different countries. I have spent the last few hours looking around on the forum. Bare with me, I do not understand half the slang nor the different vehicles you guys drive but I will try to be as active as possible.

My focus currently is running a stage 2 tune, fswerks intercooler, fswerks cai, cobb rmm, and boomba bhv. I have paint protection film on hood, headlights, front bumper, rear bumper, mirrors and rockers. The roof is vinyl wrapped in 3M and other various parts of the car.

2013 10 24 12.18.17

GOPR5078 1388262420955 high

IMG 20141229 151912

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Hi welcome, that car looks awesome! Even better for not having a plate on the front, I assume you don't have to have one?

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Certain U.S. states do not require a front plate. New York does require a front plate but its not heavily inforced. I have gotten a ticket for not having one but thats cause i got pulled over for excessive speeding and they gave me a ticket for that instead.

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