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Orange St Recaros


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I have the Orange recaros in my ST3 and I recently purchased some new All Saints jeans and they've left a blue tinted stain on the base of the seat, washed them a few more times and hopefully won't do it again.

But anyways basically wondering if anyone knows the best way to get them normal ? Didn't know if I could use a carpet cleaner due to soaking the heated seats.


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Erm well a guess you could as long as heated seats are off think they would be designed to be splashproof (invade you come in car soaking from rain) I use a foam stuff valet thingy from B&M works great but I haven't got heated or recaros but I do have heated socks and gloves etc and I know water doesn't do anything to them and they are same heating elements in them

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Hi Nathan. I detail Bentley's for a living and see this all the time with leather and fabric. The answer to your question is yes u can clean them without any problems. I use a wet and dry vac at work and soak the alcantara seats with cleaner from the vac leave it to dwell a minute or so to get in to the stain then with a damp soft sponge give them a good wipe down then vac the water up and it's never harmed the heated seats. I'm guessing you probably haven't got these tools but it you get a good spray fabric stain remover just spray some on and wipe with damp sponge them dry it as well as you can with a towel. Make sure you do the hole base fabric as you will get makes where it's dried if you don't. One plus with heated seats as well is you can put them on to dry the seat out as well it works a treat. I put them on in bentleys after leaving over night just to finish them off drying. Hope this helps.

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