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Hi just to say hello to abody been member fir a while never put message out just try to get pics on o my car just wandered if any of you had pics of your fords we 19" on thete car

Welcome to the forum Michael,

I've been on here five years and the only foicus I've saw on here with 19's are the RS models,

I had considered fitting 19" Snow flake ST style rims from Pumaspeed to my focus back in 2013 but when i discovered that the largest sidewall i could have on tyres would be 30mm i decided against it.

Another factor that not many people talk about is "unsprung Mass"

Everybody goes for the look and appearance but nobody realizes until there fitted; bigger rims contribute to weight that is supported outside of the sprung chassis, this additional weight slows down the take off speed of your car so if you're focus is a 1.6 rolling 19's your gonna be sluggish on start.

The next factor is steering limitations,

Fords 18 and 19" rims are 8" wide. This is truly fantastic for track driving aswell as taking roundabouts flat out in third the lateral stability combined with lowered suspension is fantastic,

However when fitting a wheel to the focus that is more than 7" wide: a steering rack limiter kit is required,

It costs 27 pounds from ford and consists of a polyurethane ring which fits inside the CV joint on both front sides.

These limit the steering on full lock preventing the 8" wide tyre from chewing your inner wheel arch.

I've gone for 18" genuine facelift ST rims


rolling Avon ZV5's on a 35mm profile a little more comfort than the 19"

Looks just as good when lowerd with Eibach 35mm Springs aswell as being correctly cambered.

Here's some pictures,


Next to an RS with 19's



Miracle Grow All Purpose Sometimes works :)






The next Morning i got up from bed, went outside and i couldn't believe my eyes :o


They had gone from 16" rims to 18" rims over night thanks to Miracle Grow All Purpose.

All i had to do then was lower it 35mm.

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Cheers for the info i have desided to with 18S think 19s would be to hard.another question how do u get to put pics on

I agree mate,

If you sign up to photobucket or imageshack,

Upload your pictures,

You then copy the. Img code from each desired image and paste it in to your message here,

Then when you post it will display,

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Is there place on here i csign up for photo bucket

No mate,

Ye just go on to google,

Type in photobucket.com,

Log on to the site and sign up,

You can then link the image to any forum,

Then if you deleit from photobucket it gets wiped from every place its displayed

Just forums dont really like hosting images,

So photobucket hosts them.

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