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Do You Know What A Munchy Box Is?


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Do you know what a Munchy Box is?

Well reason Im asking is I was talking to ma mate from down England and a thought everyone has them but only recently found out that Scottish are the only really ones that do them. (Blackpool and Newcastle ment to have similar but a lot more expensive down there)


A Munchy Box is a cheap takeaway that can fill the whole family and can contain upto and over 3k of calories!

It is lovely! contains as said in the first couple pics above

Chicken Pakora

Chicken Wings

Chicken Tikka

Donner Kabab


Veg Pakora

Mushroom Pakora

Onion rings



Nan bread

Some give you cans juice (cola pepsi irn-bru etc) or

some even give you a 2litre bottle of juice too!


Not the best pic to show off but next time I get one I will take a pic!

In the first pic you will see a Grill Box aswell it's like a more premium munchy box

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I'd never heard of a munchy box until your post, but it does look / sound yum - curry, kebabs and chips all in the same place at the same time mmmm :d

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Forgot to mention because it's such a big seller up here that chippys and Chinese have added there own muchy box's even a curry box too

Ps a think you should say to ur local place and see if they try n make it lol

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They possibly could in one Chinese / chippy but I fear they'd charge a lot more than those prices for the experience, but curry kebabs and chips mmmm around here though that's three different shops that is :(

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Aye we get them up here aswell a but do you know what scottish dumplings or tattie scone (only in Scotland you fry th em breakfast .....square sausage hmmmm a don't know how you guys can live without square sausage lol i went asked for a roll n sausage aswell n they gave me link in London like wtf where's ma square! or obv haggis for breakfast or dinner and scotch rolls (tasted scotch rolls in England not the same (you call them scotch baps)

And you charge a third dearer irn-bru but if any of you come up here make sure u try all the food also tunnochs bakery! Yum or tablet? Lol too many too list

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I thought you were on about those cardboard boxes filled with cardboard food you get through the post lol

Never heard of a munchy box before...

There is/was a takeaway in Cleethorpes that does square pizzas!! I worked it out that a 10" square pizza is only 3"-squared short of a round 12" pizza lol

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