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Strange Sound Coming From Car

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I have not long had the car serviced from the garage it got the car from last year, it was a ford dealer.

i can hear a sound that wasn't there before it went in and now i can hear it all the time when running unless its over a certain rev.

you can hear it here http://youtu.be/gKZT_3lF5Mw

Listen to just after the car being revved.

Any ideas as to what it is?

the garage i took it to some how broke my mirror heater on one of them, and didn't know how to put the heater for it on and i had to tell them and others in the place they was wrong they wanted to put the front window heater on and they said that one was working and the other wasn't. but the other way around to what i said. so i told them its the back heater and when they said it was going to cost me £40 for them to look more i said well it was working before it came here they went off and had a look again...

I have cctv in the car and it was recording all what they said, and he says when he gets back to the car that they are going to look really stupid now once they push the back one the driver side works fine and the passenger side one doesn't just like i said, he then goes on to say that they broke it and they replace it. after replacing it he comes and tells me he has done it for free and it was a lose wire.... when the cctv shows they replaced the mirror...

So cos of this i am unsure what else they did or didn't do to the car, now it has this problem too.

Again this car had been running fine till the car was taken into them.

I had the sub gasket taken off in the mot for it as the sealant i was told was going, a new tire and light bulb.

could it be a belt? or alternator?

thanks for any commits.

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