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Broken Hub Nut


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hi,, Hub nuts are ususallt tightened up rather high with a torque wrench,,, so there gunna be damn tight,, try soaking it on WD over night then get a old smaller socket and put that up against the nut so the ring of the socket is on the side wall of the nut and then give it a sharp tap or 2 with a hammer,,, your not hammering/forcing the socket on to the nut your just giving the nut and the stud its on a shock to loosen.

Then put the correct size socket on with the wrench and get some type of longer leaver,, ususally a steel pipe that will go over the wrench handle to give more levering force and slowly push down to see if it gives, if not prepeat the shocking process,, if that still fails get some heat on the nut.

Good luck.

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