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Hi everyone.

Been lurking on here for an absolute age so thought I should rear my ugly head and say hello haha.

Bit about me,

My name is Ian and I'm from Glasgow. I've always loved Fords ever since I saw a mk1 RS when I was about 13 (might have been the gt40 first but that wasn't in person.)

I loved that car so much I bought my affordable equivalent in 2010 when I passed my test, a 10 plate mk2.5 focus zetec in panther black.

I now own a 63 plate zetec s fiesta and love it even more than my focus :D


Hope to be of some use to you guys.

Carry on being a relaxed and fun forum!

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Ian I am in Kirkcaldy.

Our meets are generally just half a dozen guys. From Fife, Falkirk and Glasgow. We try to choose a different location each time to cater fairly for everyone who goes.

Last year we done things like Falkirk wheel and Glasgow transport museum - pretty low key meets. We generally meet around midday and go for lunch somewhere, in theory once a month if possible but we currently have nothing organised for this year yet.

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