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New Car

D13 HPD 95

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Evening all been a while since I sold my fiesta but I said I'll be back to show off the new motor and here it is

Golf Gtd 184bhp 380nm tornado red 18inch alloys 40th annerversiry edition blacked out windows dynaudio reverse cam self parking all around sensors for parking and general caution awareness big boy front brakes keyless entry and all sorts more have a look :)












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thanks phil, its amazing to drive, torque is emence starts coming in at 800rpm all the way to 3500 ish just shear pushing you back into the seat also not bad on fuel went for a little run and on a cruise getting 56-62mpg on motorway so looking good :) and yh its top spec gtd has every extra possible :) i love it i hate to say it but it is alot better than my fiesta was

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My dad has a 2014 GT diesel company car which seems very nice, although I haven't driven it. Nice confusing naming by VW there, it's a GT and a diesel but not a GTD lol. I looked at the specs and it has the same torque figure as my mountuned ST, about 236 lb/ft, so I assume it's a de-tuned version of the engine in your car.

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nice and yh, there is 2 different bhp in the 2lt engines one 155 and the other is 184 different maps i think and different components i guess, its a nice car to drive not firm but not soft like the fiesta like a go kart can swing it into anything and it just grips and grips and grips its soo good im in love again, i do miss my fiesta all i did and spent on her, i do slightly wish i waited for the new modni or the diesel st focus but i couldnt wait lol

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