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Ford Focus Stalls/loses Power When Accelerating


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I have an occasional problem with my Focus 1.6 diesel. When I go to accelerate, the engine will either just cut out or will stutter briefly before resuming normal power. It's happened when accelerating from a stop and also when accelerating when driving (going from 40mph to 60mph). The problem only seems to happen when the engine is cold, once it gets up to temperature it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen every time I drive the car. When the engine cuts out, the battery and oil light illuminate but no other lights come on. The engine starts first time after it cut out. It also seems to be using slightly more fuel than it did previously.

I've taken it to a garage and they put it on the diagnostic machine but no errors come up. They also had it overnight to take it for a fun from cold but typically, it didn't misbehave.

I'm sure I've read something before that suggested it may be something to do with the fuel pressure sensor where it only happens when its cold and doesn't always show an error message? Can anybody confirm?

Many thanks

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I suspect this is due to the fuel filter. It sounds like when the pressure increases in fuel flow, the filter is delaying the output. I'd the filter is dirty and old, it could even stall the fuel flow enough to stall the car. Of course fuel floe drops the car stalls. Fuel pressure equalises, fuel moves back I to fuel lines, car starts under normal pressure and seems ok to you until the cycle repeats. That's my guess anyway

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