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So I'm on the train back from hospital, a guy walks past and puts a pack of tissues with a printed note... Didn't get time to take a photo of the note, but it said 'please help me, I have no money, and no job, I have a family but can't support them, please can you help me, by buying these tissues.

Ok so let's analyse this, no money, but can buy tissues to sell, and can afford a computer and printer to distribute the notes. The cards where guillotine cut and perfect squares, so it's not a home made effort... Also he can afford the train journey up and down from London to Sevenoaks and back, or at least can afford the hundred quid fine plus ticket price.... He has a family, but didn't have any pictures, you would have at least one...

I had a snuffly nose and it's been doing my head in all the journey, and since I'm impressed with his creativity and attempted emotional blackmail, but moreso my need to blow the snot out.... I decided why not. Gave him a quid for effort lol...

I'm I. Pressed by his business acumen though, it's thinking like this that probably keeps him off the streets lol


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Had that in Greece.

Kid comes into a restaurant and places some cheap trinkets and a card on the tables as people eat which says he's a deaf mute blah blah, please buy one of the trinkets or his uncle will beat him.

It's just begging by another form.

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Yeah I was hoping I had a few more seconds, I was going to take one tissue and put it back under the note closed... Unfortunately he got to me just as I was trying to return the pack.

As for funding drugs and begging I agree. But, on a plus side, I at least got something out of it, rather than giving money with nothing in return. I like to think of it as a good thing though, if he is into drugs, I am feeding his habit, which is then paying his drug dealer, which is then paying his Import agent, which gives the police several people to chase, which keeps them in a job and busy, then they catch them which in turn leads to the seizing of the drugs and the ceasing of that drug cicle, which in turn puts the individuals on court, who go in front of a judge, need representation and prosecution, so it gets those individuals paid, who need secretaries, who get paid. And the judge gets paid. Lol. In all seriousness that's not my perspective, but I like to think it's a good thing :-P

So on a us side, my 1 pound has paid for about 20 or 30 people of which only two or three are drug individuals, and will indirectly lead to the closing down of the drug circle. To be fair, I think that's a better way to look at it, a short term error feeding the drugs trade leading to its eventual closure.

On the downside though, it's a few more scumbags it lands in prison which we have to pay for, lol.

On a side note though, if he is a one man, alcohol and drug free businessman, I think he's got a good little business going to support his family.

I never give to beggars, when u part with money, I expect something in return. On this occasion u was paying for a product lol. As Long as it's not laced with drugs (I'm sure I will find out soon enough lol) then I'm happy with the purchase.... Just a shame u didn't get it closed up again and thrown under the note and just get a free tissue out of it lol

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