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Boot Lock Fault


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Hi all right, got a bit of a fault with my boot, it will unlock with the key but that's is it, the button on the button on the dash does not a lot, and the fob does not either!

So anyone else had the same fault?

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I'd suspect a blown lock solenoid or a damaged wire in the rubber sleeve between the roof and hatch.

First check the wiring is intact either by physical inspection or check if power is getting to the lock unit with a voltmeter.

Tbh I'd say the wires are the main culprit but this fault can also cause the solenoid to pop.

As the solenoid is not a servicable part you would need a replacement one.

eBay is a good source.

I have a guide to swapping the key barrel over so you can keep all the locks on one key (view link under this post on a PC).

I had this problem when I owned a MK1 Focus, the damaged wires shorted over to the third brake light wiring so that the boot popped every time I braked.

By the time I sussed it out the lock and rear wiper had both blown.

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You may well find that more than one wire is damaged (if that turns out to be the cause), and if so the cores get corroded and blackened so would need trimming back to clean core and a patch crimped/soldered in.

Let us know how you get on.

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