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2001 Focus Power Steering Kaput


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Evening all.

Drive my Dad's old 2001 Focus, went in for it's MOT on Saturday and failed due to power steering being inoperable. They haven't been able to get the car up to have a look re repairs at the moment, this should be tomorrow.

I'm just after a worst case scenario really.

The power steering went a couple of weeks ago, all of a sudden a bit of a whirring noise, and then no power steering. Power steering fluid was empty. I've topped that up, but there was still no power steering but also no leaking from what I could see.

When there wasn't any fluid in the power steering reservoir, there weren't any unusual noises to speak of, even though the power steering wasn't working. It's only when there is power steering fluid in the reservoir that there's a low whirring/grumbly noise at idle or low speeds. This completely disappears after about 10mph (still no power steering though).

Any gearheads want to take a guess at what I could be looking at here?

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