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Advice Needed, Engine Damage !


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Need some advice please guys! I have recently brought a 1.8 tdci focus after much hunting. As the previous owner was unsure if the cam-belt had been done or not I paid a local trusted garage to replace it, partner did an oil change and change air filter. That was 2 weeks ago today! On Sat my other half was driving home fro work and the engine cut out and wouldn't start again!

Called the RAC and when they turned up checked the oil and then checked the cam belt which had snapped (a few choice words spoken!!!) As the garage was closed on sat afternoon, rang them 1st thing this morn, they had the car collected and changed the cam belt. The car then wouldn't turn over so they looked a bit further.

The garage are saying that the fuel injector pump has totally seized, this then lead to the cam shaft shearing off and thus the cam belt snapping. The garage are saying they haven seen anything like it before but it not there fault the cam belt snapped. I'm now looking at buying a new engine for the car!

I understand the risk of by a new car but what i would like to know is , Has the damage been caused by the injector seizing (not the garage fault) or is it possible the reverse happened, and the belt snapped and caused the damage? Any thoughts welcome!!!

Plus were would be a good place to source a new / reconditioned engine?

Many thanks Tina

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