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Advice Needed! About To Pick Up My Fiesta Mk7!


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Hello all,

I'm due to collect my 61-plate MK7 Fiesta Zetec S this Saturday.

As a rookie of these forums I was hoping for some advice regarding my plans for the car!

I know I'm keen signing up before i've even got the car, but, sue me i'm excited! :P

I'll post some pictures to my profile once I've got the car sparkling clean.. ;)

My first plans are:

+ Fit an Armster armrest.

+ Remove interior plastics and re-spray (main console black, like facelift models, steering wheel, door handle and vent surround plastics to be red - I'm a black and red kinda guy!)

+ Respray the brake callipers red.

Here's where I need your advice:

I've been looking at performance upgrades, and due to the 3 year warranty and servicing I'm getting as part of the deal for my car (from Pilgrims of March, Cambridgeshire - very impressive) I don't want to do anything that will void my warranty.

Therefore, Mountune parts are the way to go..

Could anyone who has heard or owns a Catback Exhaust system tell me the increase in sound, and the relative performance difference?


Alongside this, i'm looking at fitting the Intake Kit, what performance gains does this produce?

Finally, will these http://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-6-ti-vct/products/fiesta-b299-high-performance-plug-lead-set make a difference if I get some high-quality sparks? If so, any recommendations?

As a new guy, I really appreciate any feedback and assistance!

David :D

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As your car is over 3 years old, this 3 year warantee is possibly a 3rd party one I'm thinking. So I'd be very careful about even fitting Mountune parts unless you get the go ahead from the company providing it. Always ask about these things simply because the insurers will use any little thing to refuse to pay out.

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Finally got some good weather to take some pictures of my car!


And for once, the weather has held so it's managed to stay clean for a while!

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