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And It Continues......getting Worse..poss Egr Problems?


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So the problems continue...

I have previously reported problems when on minimum throttle of the engine feeling like its struggling and when lifting off the throttle getting two quick jolts..always two.

Been to the garage, they are unable to identify any problems. Decided to run a couple of tanks of v power. No real improvements. So I decided to get a code reader...no codes...no surprise as garage didn't find any. However, I have noticed when the car is warming up, it now struggles keeping steady revs, sometimes dipping by 100 or so when idling. When warmed up its fine. I have also noticed that the Egr is showing that it appears to be open on idle. Not always but sometimes 8% or so but sometimes nil. Not sure what this means but I thought the Egr was closed on idle. When cruising it open, when you put your foot it closes. Does it being open on idle signify something? Would it not throw up codes if faulty?

The other thing I've noticed it does not get really above 80 degrees C. Even in standing traffic, it only read 82 degrees.

Also if you lift your foot off the throttle after accelerating hard, the jolts don't happen.

As I mentioned previously, mpg is early 60s, car drives otherwise drives nicely.

Can anyone suggest possible solutions.

I have bought a blanking plate but not fitted as I read some stories of it causing other problems

Thanks for any suggestions.

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