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Titanium 1.0 Focus, Sync & Ambient Lights


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Hi All

Had a loan car this week, 1.0 Fiesta and although it had a more basic radio & display setup than my Sony Premium 6 speaker system (or whatever its called), it had a couple of the newer functions that my system doesnt currently do.

These are basically the Text reading, and when my phone paired it stated asking me if I wanted to enable Emergency Assist or something.

Is it possible to get these features just with a software upgrade on the SYNC / radio system, or is it the hardware that gives these functions. I agree, they are a bit gimmicky, but wouldn't mind them - especially for nowt !!

Also, is it possible at all to have the colour changing ambient lights in the 2012 Ti. Could I just add the roof panel from a Ti X & will the wiring be all behind the current lump thats there. It may be that the LEDs are red, and not colour changing bulbs


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No software uodate for that feature unfortunatly., as for ambient theres a thread going at preeent , search and you will find

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