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First Major Problem


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Hi, Had my 2009 1.6 (100) Zetec eight months. Except an intermittent rattle from somewhere is the back (That drives me insane) no issues.

I backed into my drive twice last week (full lock) and thought I saw some smoke, but they had just re surfaced the road and there was no smell so I assumed it was dust off the road.

Noticed a drop of fluid on the floor yesterday, opened the bonnet there was oil on the belts and a little on the front of the car, checked all my levels and all (including power steering) were fine.

Called out breakdown guy, told me before opening the bonnet it was power steering pipe, got me to turn lock from lock and told me it only leaked on full lock, but not to drive it. I have parts and labour cover on my breakdown assistance, but I could not leave work so he drove it round the corner to Halfords.

I just got it back, seemed really fast, I never paid much attention before but the pump is now on a black bracket which looks new and the fluid is over the max? There is also a few drops of fluid on this new bracket (or is it just cleaned up?)

The only receipt I got was for £35 and simply said 'excess' Halford told me there was no damage and all they did was fit an 'improved' pipe. It seems okay, I guess this has knocked my faith a little, as it's the newest car I have ever owned and it hasn't covered 40k miles yet.

Is this a known fault?

Should I worry (I worry lots) about it being over filled?


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