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Starting Problems 2.0L Tdci - Ford/diesel Specialist Needed


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Good Morning.

I have an 06 ford focus 2.0litre 136bhp DW10. , and have a ongoing problem with it, It very rarely starts with the first turn of the key, it suprises me when it does. you could crank it forever and it wont start, however release the key, try again and it fires up.... Ususually, (sometimes it will take 3 or 4 attempts). Even if the engine is warm, the cold weather didn't seem to make a difference.

I've tried a new battery, upgrading the earth to battery, engine.

there are no fault codes.

I've tried the other key incase its an immobilizer issue

I've taken it to my local garage, said it could be a whole number of things. Am hoping that someone with experience with ford diesels might have a pretty good idea of what the problem is.

I live in Coventry, so if anyone can recommend a good ford/diesel specialist in Coventry, west Birmingham, Warwick or Leamington, i would be very greatful.

If anyone else has had the same problem, let me know what fixed it.

Many thanks

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this may sound daft but an rac man did this when i had the same issue

he took out the fuse for the fuel pump for about 30 secs then replaced it and Bingo

not saying it will work for you but it may be a simple fix or not

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Can you see any air in the fuel pipes I know this will sound daft but my brother had a similar prob on his Citroen nemo van and the fuel lines had gone pourous letting air in but no diesel loss so when he came to start it he would have difficulty replaced fuel lines and cured the problem not saying this is your prob but another probable cause .

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Hi I have a 05 tdci 2.0 focus and had trouble with the egr valve so I bought a stainless steel egr blanking plate off eBay for £3.70 . It's a simple 10 minute job to insert the plate and now the car starts perfectly and runs like a dream. Even if this is not the problem I would say this is one of the best modifications you can do



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