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Useless Argghh!!!


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Over 9 weeks ago now the dishwasher in my apartment packed up. The estate agent repairs team quickly sent a bloke out. He confirmed it was the control board that was knackered and that for how much it would cost to order a new control board and repair the dishwasher, it would be more cost effective to replace the dishwasher. Said he would go back and tell the estate agent, order a new one and come back to fit it.

Week later, estate agent decides to send a completely different bloke out to check it over, again same conclusion that the control board has had it and the dishwasher needs to be replaced. Said he'd tell the estate agent, order a new one n come back.

This was over the xmas period so assumed there would be a delay but a month went by, no word from estate agent/repairs bloke and I'm still sat with a dishwasher I can't use.

Chased it up with the estate agent via their dedicated repairs email address, only for them to tell me that the repairs bloke said that he completed the works and that no further action was required. My reaction was what the fudge are you talking about, your man said the dishwasher needed replacing and that he would come back to fit a new one, how does that sound like he completed the works, I've been without a dishwasher for a month, wheres my new dishwasher!?!?

Repairs team again said that the bloke said he completed the works while he was here and that no action was required, that they would chase it up, get back to me within the next day or 2 and apologised for the delay.

Week went by, no word, no dishwasher, sent a chase up email asking if they knew what was going on. Another two weeks goes by. Still no word!!

Sent a ranty complaint asking what the hell they are playing at as they are now just blatantly ignoring me. This time they replied right back, apologised for the delay and said that the landlord has agreed to pay for a new dishwasher and to expect a call from a bloke to come and fit new one.

On Thursday, bloke phoned up asking if he could come this morning to fit the new one. He's just been round, took one look at it and said thats not a fully integrated dishwasher... He then explained that the bloke that came out (who apparantly completed the works) quoted 500quid for a new dishwasher (he told me that it would only be about 200) and that because of this they assumed it would be a fully integrated unit which is about twice the size of my stand alone unit (Even though both blokes that checked it over noted down and even phoned in the exact dishwasher model and serial number I had)

Because of this, the fully intergrated dishwasher he had sat outside in his van was not going to fit and he would now have to go back and swap it with a standalone unit and that I was now looking at maybe getting my dishwasher replaced on Tuesday.

I am absolutely fuming. 3 blokes have now been out in the space of at least 9 weeks and I'm still with a dishwasher I can't use. The estate agent dedicated repairs team have blatently ignored me and this really ain't on.

I know a dishwasher is a 'luxury' item but the apartment included it and I pay my rent 6 months at a time upfront, this adds to the list of issues I've had while I've been here and I don't feel I should have to put up with it.

Is this any scope for asking for a partial refund on rent for the sheer incompetence I've had to put up with?

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