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Couple Of Questions


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Hi everyone!

I have a mk 2.5 1.6 Auto focus and i have a few questions about it.

1) my mpg is terrible. if i drive very economically its at 31 mpg if i drive with my foot to the floor its the same?! why is this. I've reset the average multiple times and it always ends up back like this.

2) about twice a month i get the transmission malfunction warning. It will fail to start then i remove the key and it starts and rives fine? If i don't get the transmission malfunction warning it wont start - the esp gets turned off and then it will start? It's not very good when you leave a customers house and your car wont start -.-

and 3) i want to get myself an ELM reader. (Had one for my Vauxhall the op com thing) not sure if i should jsut go for the modified one as i will want to do some mods later one with it or just go for the non modified one? Im guessing they both work the same however the modified allows you into MS-CAN i think?

Thanks in advance!

Jon :)

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