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New Focus St Seats


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Hi, hope someone can maybe give me a bit of info.

My wife test drove the new Focus ST-2 today (actually looking at the ST-3 but they didn't have one to test). She loved the car but had an issue with the racing seats. As she is only 5'1" the seats were way too big for her and made driving impossible. She then tested the Zetec S and loved those seats.

My questions are:

Can seats from the Zetec or Titanium be fitted into the ST (mounting arrangement)?

Also, I have been looking on-line to find how much those seats would actually be and where to get them from but I'm not having any luck. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Floor mounts will be the same for all Focus seats, so the Zetec-S ones would fit into an ST, buying a set from Ford would be possible but very expensive I'd expect.

Next option would be trying a breakers yard or seeing if anyone in a Zetec-S would fancy doing a swap with suitable cash adjustment if needed.

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There are plenty Focus MK3's on the scrap yard. It should be no problem to find a pair of seats that are suitable. You could even buy a pair of damaged seats and get them reupholstered to match the rest of the ST interior.

Personally I would not sell the ST seats but keep and store them. If you want to sell the car after some time the non ST seats will negatively affect the value of the car.

The Ford Parts program does not list complete seats. Only the main parts needed for 1 seat will cost over €1500,- already. If Ford can supply complete seats I expect complete seats will cost a fortune.

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