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08 Focus Won't Start


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Hey guys,

Having a slight issue with getting my focus started (well when I say me I mean the missus who drives it daily to work) The battery died once a month back or so after being left in the cold for a week without a drive. Jumped it and it worked fine. Then the battery died again when the missus left the lights and radio on whilst sat on the ferry for 15 minutes (that was awkward)

Now the other day she tried to start it, it was reluctant to start, and when it did it came up with a transmission malfunction error, traction control light came on, and it said it -60 degrees C. She turned the engine off and it wouldn't start again. Still cant get it started now, but I'm assuming it's just a weak battery. I'll jump start it again later and see if that solves the issue for now.


I'm assuming theres either an issue with the battery, or the alternator. I had installed a parrot hands-free system, which thought might be draining the battery after the engine was turned off. I've removed it this morning to see if that solves the issue. Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing the battery to die? Or if its not the battery how I can tell whether its the alternator causing the issue?

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More problems less solutions...

Car won't jump start at all. Hooked it up to my mondeo, kept it idling for a few minutes followed by a few minutes on high tick over. tried to jump it and no luck.

Checked the connections several times to make sure I wasn't being a complete dunce but still no joy.

Is this a sign of a completely dead battery?

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