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De-Badge 'focus' And 'zetec 1.6'?


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Done mine a month or so ago, got rid of the focus and zetec and kept the 'S' just wish I had done it as soon as I got the car which was nearly 2 years ago haha! Looks so much better and cleaner in my opinion

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Totally debadged mine (apart from Ford badge on boot) . First time i did it and am very pleased . Sometimes think about putting the "S" badge back on then think nah.Like the stealthy look . Also as a debadge virgin i checked lots of vids etc to make sure i did not mess up the paintwork . Some vids worried me,some made me think i needed to get specialist scrapers and some worried me i would scratch the paint or be left with adhesive lettering.

Quick blast of a hair dryer , some cheap dental floss behind the letters and they pop off nicely.Peel off as much of the residue as possible then just rub away with some sticky stuff remover . Just buy the cheapest of all the products and itll come off nicely . I had no outlines or lettering watermarks but if you do then a bit of T cut will finish it off. Then next wash of the car give the boot a good waxing. Hope that helps,or helps anyone wanting to do it.I was nervous but was very pleased with the results . Whole boot done in 30 mins.



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