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Another Mk1 Focus Pcv Valve Hose Thread!


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Hi all. First post, I have searched for my particular query but no answer that I can find.

I've had my mk1 1.8 petrol Focus Zetec for about a year and 4 months now (it is my first car). It's always had trouble starting (needs a dab of throttle correctly timed), twice had the check engine light come on, and three times has stalled while driving (clutch was depressed). Then the usual rough/erratic idle issues.

Had a poke around under the bonnet and the hose from the pcv valve to the inlet manifold has indeed collapsed at the manifold end and if moved sucks air in.

I went to the local Ford parts centre today and they had the replacement hose, but it looks to be a different shape to me? The one on my car, comes out of the back of the inlet manifold, has a little curve up, then a 90 degree bend to the right (if stood looking at the engine from in front of the car) before bending 90 degrees again to point towards the pcv valve.The new hose from Ford only had a 45 degree first bend, meaning it pointed towards the passenger seat.Is that normal? Can I simply fit it and bend it to the right position?

With regards to fitting, I'll do it myself I think, can I replace the crimped clip on the inlet manifold with a jubilee clip? Or should I reuse the existing one which is a bit of a pain to get to.

Any other tips for fitting? I can get a pair of ramps, or jack the car up if its easier/helpful to access from underneath (looks like a big gap).

On an unrelated note, at idle there is a faint tapping noise, which disappears when I depress the clutch pedal, something to worry about?

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They gave you the wrong hose it should be 45 degree bend out the rear if manifold then another bend then straight take the crimps off and use hose clips its far easier you can fit it from yge top of the engine easily with plenty of room its at the top of the engine

The clutch tapping noise is the gearbox wether its an issue depends some last years some months this is the pcv hose http://s211.photobucket.com/user/xxdomesplit/media/pcvhose.jpg.html

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Thanks. The picture you have linked to is different to the one fitted to my car. The one I was offered is in the photo, it has the little curve at one end like the one on my car that has failed, but as you can see then turns away at completely the wrong angle...

Did you get your one directly from Ford? I may try another Ford parts dealer at the weekend, or for one on eBay.

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I've found the exact part I need on fordpartsuk.com Has anyone used them before? Are they reliable? Only quoting the price without VAT, so are they a trade only dealer?

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